Tutus ‘N Heels

A Walk for the LGBTQ Youth of Camp Brave Trails


Payasos LA and Eagle

LA Mr Leather 2020

June 12 2021
Silverlake, CA






Until We Strut and Party

A fun short mile walk in High Heel’s and Tutu’s in Silverlake.  The route includes the iconic Akbar on Sunset Blvd, the world famous Eagle LA on Santa Monica Blvd, and a BIG PAYASOS STYLE bash at the always sexy Rough Trade Gear store on Sunset Blvd.
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How to Participate

Event Registration

You will need to be registered to participate in the event and join us at the After Party Beer Bust at Rough Trade.  You can do so by clicking here.


  • $15 before May 1st

  • $25 before May 30th

  • $30 after


Same Day Registration

  • $40 the day of the event


Your entry fee will help a lot of kids, but with your help we can do even more.  NOW is the time set a goal to fundraise for yourself or your team.  You can ask friends, your family, and the place you work to join you in contributing to a great cause. 


Our goal is for each participant to raise $100.  Please help us beat that goal!


Once you register you will receive an email with more information about how to fundraise.

Venmo and Submitting Fundraising

You've registered and you are ready to take a short mile walk!  Now is the time to start fundraising to support the youth of Brave Trails.


We will be using Venmo to track your fundraising and have made it super simple.  

When you submit your fundraising to the Venmo account - in any amount and as often as you like - simply put your name, or your groups name, in the notes.  We will log it from there and keep track of it for you.   

If someone is supporting you with a donation, you can give them the Venmo account to send a donation on your behalf DIRECTLY. Simply have them put your name in the notes, and its Done! It will be logged and tracked.  Super Easy!

You can also submit cash on the day of the event at registration where it will  be logged.

And remember, our biggest fundraisers will get really fun prizes.

Volunteer Individually or as an Organization

There are lots of ways to support a great cause.  You can help leading up to the event, or be a super hero on the day of it, both can really make a difference. 

Volunteers will receive a pass to the After Party Beer Bust for all their hard work.


This also includes groups and organizations that would like to lend a hand as a team.  Contact us at tutusandheelswalk@gmail.com for more information.


Grab your friends, brainstorm over mimosas at brunch, and come strong to the event all themed up.  We encourage you to have fun! 


The group that impresses the judges the most will win the coveted Best Group Award. 

Judgey - The Categories and Awards

Yes you are being judged!  And its a great thing!  Come out in your very best and impress our judges.  AND most importantly raise funds for this amazing cause while getting the recognition you deserve.

Guest Judges TBA


Ms Tutu - Most Fabulous Tutu


Dem Heels – Best Heels  


Double Threat - Best Tutu and Heels Combo


They Probably do Brunch - Best Group Theme


Skyscraper - Tallest Entry Including Hair


Biggest Individual Donor


Your Next Top 5


Biggest Group Donor

Heel’s, Tutu’s, Oh My!
Where to Get Some Heel’s and Tutu’s

You gotta sport heel’s or a tutu to participate! There will be some Tutu’s available for purchase at AKBAR as you head out.  As well as a limited amount of shoes, but come early!   

There are area thrift stores that often have shoes ready for you to take a spin in.

 Make Your Own Tutu

Yeah you can buy one BUT making one is ever better AND you can have fun creating a group theme and matching your friends. Just about any fabric store has tulle and all the materials you will need.


Try this DIY site and have fun cutting and sewing. 


Tips for Walking in Heels

Your ready to strut and now its time to show it! Stand tall and poised, throw your shoulders back, pop that chest out, back straight, get that butt tucked under.


Think Marilyn. Monroe, not Manson.

While standing still, place weight on heels using toes for balance. Don’t wobble. If you start to fall, fall gracefully and roll, shoes in the air. Do not break a heel. Do not take anyone down with you.

Walk with feet positioned straight, toes pointed forward. Heels should be vertical to the ground, not horizontal.

Walk placing one foot in front of the other with a smooth, even stepping motion beginning at the heel and rolling to the toe. Primarily walk on the balls of your feet, using the heel for balance. Think runway model, not truck driver. Suck in your cheeks. Face cheeks, not butt cheeks.

Keep legs parallel and close together. It’s more stylish and when one leg starts to slide one way and the other the opposite way, you’ll have time to recover or get help before having to return to Tip #2 above.

Shake those hips and swing your arms for balance. 

Strut with confidence, stay focused, and be mindful of your steps without watching your feet.  

When climbing stairs, make sure both sole and heel land together firmly and simultaneously on each step. When descending stairs, only the sole of the shoe needs to be planted on each step. Basically - Avoid walking up or down any stairs.

Avoid walking on ice, slush, mud, grass, sand, gravel, and grated surfaces. When in doubt, take off your heels and carry them, crossing such treacherous surfaces in your bare feet. Dangle both shoes in one hand, hooked to your index and middle finger. Do not clutch them -They are not an Oscar award or the last mimosa at brunch.


Like walking onto a dance floor, stick together. Use a wingman as a crutch, we are here to support each other.





About the Event

What is the Event

Tutus and Heels is a walk for the LGBTQ Youth of Camp Brave Trails produced by Payasos LA and the current Eagle LA Mr Leather.

This is a fun short mile walk in High Heels and Tutus in Silverlake.  The route includes the iconic Akbar on Sunset Blvd, the world famous Eagle LA on Santa Monica Blvd, and a BIG PAYASOS STYLE bash at the always sexy Rough Trade Gear store on Sunset Blvd.


Why Walk and Why High Heels


We are bringing our community together one step at a time, as we raise awareness and funds for important causes and charities, such as Camp Brave Trails. A short walk flying the biggest freak flag you can muster is a great way to get others to support you as you raise funds.


Plus you and your friends can strut your stuff and CELEBRATE life! This is YOUR opportunity to express yourself and have fun in a safe space that welcomes all aspects of the LGBTQ community and allies.



Why Tutu’s 

Have you ever heard of Tutu Tuesday?  Well, it’s a lot like tummy Tuesday but with a skirt.   Tutu’s are a favorite of Burning Man and have a long history in queer and counterculture. 


But more importantly, it’s our chance to have fun and be silly – regardless of your orientation, your gender, whether your masc or fem, or your body type.  We ALL look Fantastic in Tulle!


The Day of the Event

Step One - Start Your Heels!

Walkers will gather for a pre celebration and registration from 10-11am at the AKBAR parking lot and we will start walking at 11 am.

4356 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Enjoy music, catch up with friends, take selfies, and ruffle up that Tutu before you head out.

You will need to register at AKBAR to get your arm band that will get you into the After Party at Rough Trade Gear.

Not sure how to walk in heels? Or how to be fabulous in your Tutu? DON’T WORRY! We will have coaches standing by to help you get started

Step Two - Pit Stop

About half way through your stroll take a minute and catch that breath.....and check your pits in front of Eagle LA. 

Step Three - After Party and Beer Bust - Hosted By Eagle LA and Payasos LA

From 12 to 4 the party is on. You’ve earned it! Come cool your heels and twirl that tutu as DJ's will helps us party.   Beer bust provided by Eagle LA.

A foot rub station for those aching heels will be set-up

You MUST be registered to attend the party, ahead of time, or in person the day of the event.


Yes Tutu or Heels is strongly encouraged.


Yes Its a Payasos Party!



We will start at Akbar, swing by Eagle, and then mosey on over to Rough Trade Gear – so basically a regular Saturday night for you. But if you get lost you can always follow the chalk art along the way.


The Draw

Chalk Art Along the Way

Whether you are quick or slow on The Draw, this is your opportunity to get creative and help some folks find their path along the way.


There are spots available along the route for artists and groups to express themselves – you may even be eligible score a ticket to the After Party Beer Bust for all your dusty chalky work.


How to Sign up – Artists and Groups Welcome

Please email tutusandheelswalk@gmail.com for more details or register as an artists or a group.  


Groups and themes are encouraged!   

Produced By

Payasos LA


Eagle LA Mr Leather 2020

Colton Stenke



Eagle LA


Rough Trade Gear




33 Taps Silver Lake






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Charitable Recipient

100% of Net Funds Go Directly to Charities


     Camp Brave Trails

Brave Trails is a national non-profit organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ youth leadership. We offer accredited summer camps, family camps, mentorship programs, meet-up groups, and year-round leadership programming. All of our programs focus on helping LGBTQ+ youth find what they need most to thrive: their people, their place, and their passion. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing our youth take the skills they gain in our programs and use them to create meaning change in their communities.



All of the elements of a typical summer camp with a LGBTQ twist! Camp Brave Trails is designed to be a haven for LGBTQ youth, where they can build community, meet supportive adult mentors, and gain leadership skills.


Brave Trails Family Camp was built to address the lack of spaces where LGBTQ families can safely build community. At family camp, kids see other families that look like theirs and enjoy all of the magic of a weekend away at camp!



Our mentorship program pairs campers with Brave Trails volunteers and staff members to continue the special and supportive bonds they create while at camp. Having a trusted mentor to guide them through life is life changing and in some cases, lifesaving.





Will I need a Tutu or Heels to walk?

We are asking you to wear one or both, its up to you.

Will I need a Tutu or Heels to go to the After Party Beer Bust?

C'mon, it wouldn't be a party if you weren't all dressed up.  Its not mandatory, but it's strongly encouraged.

Do I have to walk to go to the After Party Beer Bust?

No.  But you would be missing all of the fun.  And also, the starting line is where you get you armband to get into the party.  

Can I donate to show my support without walking or attending the After Party Beer Bust?
You can click on this link to donate in Eventbrite.  If this is in behalf of a participating walker or group please email us at tutusandheelswalk@gmail.com and we will track it for them.

Or you can use Venmo @payasosla to make a donation in any amount you would like.  If this is in behalf of a participating walker or group please put their name in the comments so we can track it for them.

How high does the heel have to be?

As high as you would like.  But sometimes we gotta stroll low to get there.  Who's gonna say no to a short pump in a pinch?  

What do I need to wear under my tutu?

There are no nudity laws in Los Angeles, but with that said, you are going to be in public.  Use your discretion.  Of course what happens at a Payasos Beer Bust lot party behind a privacy screen is up to you.

Is the Beer Bust a sex event?


I can't walk in heels!

Welcome to the club.  Go Slow. And take advantage of our Heels Coaches the morning of the event.

I am having trouble with the Venmo

Email us here and we will respond.  Leave a number and we can call you. tutusandheelswalk@gmail.com

How much of the money goes to charity?

After expenses for the event, all of it.

How can I volunteer?

Email us and lets talk. This is a big event and there are lots of heels to fill.  ​tutusandheelswalk@gmail.com

About Payasos-LA

Through self-respect and self expression, Payasos-L.A. is a brotherhood of gay/bi Latino men, and their allies, who are committed to keeping and enhancing the quality of life for future generations in our communities. Through fund raising, public appearances and volunteering that support youth programs, promoting Latino presence in the Arts, and generating awareness on issues that affect the Latino community in Los Angeles; Payasos-L.A. is dedicated to a better tomorrow.



We ask that participants wear a mask at all times.  Hand Sanitizer stations will be available at the event


If you have a fever, feel sick, have a cough we ask you to please refrain from joining the event.

As government guidelines change we will update our policies.


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